Hello there! You are here because you have already taken a peek at something new and exciting coming to the greater Dallas area (and beyond*) ... custom films! 

As a photographer, I have a great appreciation for how meaningful a photo can be. It's a single moment in time, captured and treasured as a reminder of who we were in that moment.

A custom film sets hundreds of those tiny moments in motion in a way that photos never can - the way your toddler dances when she's lost in the music, the way your teenager absentmindedly fixes his hair, the way your kiddos' smiles blossom on their faces when they are doing something they love, the way your spouse looks at you when you aren't paying attention, and all of the other little moments that get lost in between the annual portrait sessions - that is what sets a custom film apart.

I'm offering a variety of custom films: milestone films with a focus on one child, sibling films, family films, couples films and more. If you are interested in creating something special for you and your family, simply click below and fill out the form and you will be the first to know when the website is live and accepting bookings in early 2020. 

To see an example of a milestone film, click HERE and HERE.

To see another family film, click HERE.

Click HERE and HERE to see some senior/special interest films.

***Outside of the Dallas area and still interested? Travel films will be available - go ahead and click the link below!

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